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Webinar: Natural Resource Damage from Conflict in Eastern Europe

Start :
Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 10:00 AM
End :
Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 11:00 AM

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Since the beginning of the war in February 2022, Ukraine’s land and water resources have been severely impacted by conflict. Due to ongoing military activity and Russian occupation, it is impossible to precisely assess damage to Ukraine’s environment. Therefore, the Ukrainian government and the European Economic and Social Committee have called for a formal process to document, map, and measure the environmental impacts and lay the groundwork for an environmentally and socially just postwar recovery consistent with international standards. The hosts of this webinar, Ted Tomasi, Ph.D., and Richard J. Wenning, Ph.D., have proposed a collaborative environmental damage and recovery framework in their recently published technical article, “Using U.S. Natural Resource Damage Assessment to Understand the Environmental Consequences of the War in Ukraine” in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM).

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, Dr. Tomasi and Dr. Wenning will explore a data-driven, science-based approach to estimating the restoration needed and its cost to compensate for the environmental impacts of war. They will focus on:

  • The development of preliminary remote damage assessments, which can be refined through in-country inspections and analysis to better understand the scale of injuries and develop reparation proposals
  • A phased approach to restoration, aimed at expediting the recovery of the resource base in an effective and targeted program proportional to the harm inflicted on natural resources.

Why You Should Attend

Your participation will enrich the discussion and help shape the narrative and policy direction regarding the environmental aftermath of conflicts. It is our belief that by sharing, discussing, and refining our collective understanding and knowledge, we can make significant strides toward a sustainable future, even amidst crisis. This webinar is open to the public, so please share with friends or colleagues who might be interested.

If you would like a copy of the paper “Using U.S. Natural Resource Damage Assessment to Understand the Environmental Consequences of the War in Ukraine” please request it via email from Ted Tomasi, Ph.D., or Richard J. Wenning, Ph.D. at,

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