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Employee Testimonials

According to a recent employee survey, below are some of the best things about working at Integral:

“The people! They make a world of difference by setting the stage to a great working environment and culture.”

“Ability to do interesting and stimulating work in a flexible work environment.”

“Without doubt this is the best working experience I have had in my 20+ years of consulting. There is an amazing self awareness of how special this place is and a commitment to sustaining what is best about us.”

“I enjoy cross-discipline interaction and collaboration with talented coworkers. I know my hard work is noticed and appreciated.”

“Integral provides some of the best benefits when it comes to 401k, healthcare, etc. These are very important to me.”

“The genuine concern for the staff starts with the President and cascades from there. It is refreshing to work for a company that manages effectively, consistently, and with the welfare of the staff in the forefront. In addition, the company creates the environment where one wants to do the best job possible.”

“In the short time I’ve been with Integral, I’ve found the staff to be very welcoming and interested in my success.”

“The diversity of work. It’s a great environment for folks like me who always want to work on something different.”

“Collegial atmosphere. Team work. Interesting projects.”

“Company operations are much more transparent than at other companies where I have worked. In addition, management is readily accessible and open to input from all staff.”

“Integral is full of bright, creative, supportive people who are really interested in and committed to doing their job well, and I love that.”