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Emerging Contaminants: Integral to Discuss Toxicity and Treatment at Annual Summit

A wide-ranging group of previously unregulated or difficult to detect chemicals generally referred to as “emerging contaminants,” are increasingly found in the environment, raising important questions about risk. At the Emerging Contaminants Summit held on March 6–7, 2018, Integral will contribute to the scientific dialogue on toxicity and present on engineering treatment options that have successfully addressed emerging contaminants in municipal water supplies. Integral is a bronze-level sponsor for this year’s event in Westminster, Colorado.

Janet Anderson, Ph.D., DABT, will co-chair Session #7: PFAS and 1,4 Dioxane Toxicology Issues. She will also present a poster titled “Internal and External Dosimetry—The Holy Grail to Decoding Perfluoroalkyl Acid Toxicity?” and coauthored by Phil Goodrum, Ph.D., DABT, and Sean Hays, Ph.D., DABT. In this presentation, Dr. Anderson will discuss human threshold criteria for perfluorooctanoic acid and the need for transparency and consistency in the kinetic assumptions used to inform dose-response in humans. She will identify areas of uncertainty that influence decisions for human health risk assessments and identify specific research questions.

Mike Martin, P.E., will present a poster titled “Lessons Learned from Implementation of a Potable Water Wellhead Treatment System for a Long Chain Perfluoroalkyl Acid,” coauthored by Avram Frankel, P.E., and Keith Brodock, P.E., LEED AP. Mr. Martin will describe the challenges that emerging contaminants present to municipal drinking water supplies. His poster will also highlight an engineering case study where challenges were effectively addressed, resulting in an optimized well treatment system.

Integral is on the forefront of emerging contaminant research, regulation, risk communication, remediation, and potable water treatment, and offers a full range of services. Our experienced staff provide regulatory and litigation support, fate and transport evaluation, toxicity evaluations and risk assessment, remediation engineering and treatment system design, and more. For more information on Integral’s capabilities, contact Mr. Frankel at or Dr. Anderson at

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The Emerging Contaminants Summit focuses on the latest developments in the detection, fate and transport, risk assessment, treatment, and regulation of emerging contaminants. Learn more about the summit.