Climate Change and NRD: Jennifer Sampson to Serve on Panel
July 18, 2019

On July 19, Jennifer Sampson will join a panel discussion at the 12th Annual Santa Fe Advanced Conference on Litigating Natural Resource Damages titled “Climate Change, Rising Sea Levels, Warming Water Temperatures, and Prolonged Periods of Extreme Weather.” Featuring perspectives from ecologists, an attorney, and an economist, this panel will address how the realities of climate change affect our approach to natural resource damage assessment (NRDA). Ms. Sampson will spotlight how Integral is accessing and generating large and complex data sets, and applying artificial intelligence tools to extract necessary information from big data, both for ecological studies and restoration planning.

Hosted by Law Seminars International and held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this event will present the best strategies and tactics for addressing today’s natural resource damage cases. Learn more about the conference.

Ms. Sampson is an aquatic ecologist and risk assessor who provides technical and strategic leadership on NRDA and restoration planning projects.

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