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Process Improvement

Integral applies an innovative approach to improving internal processes and data communication within complex organizations. Many large organizations that execute complex portfolios of project work share common challenges—abundant, cumbersome, and overlapping internal processes related to portfolio performance and compliance communication. Integral has extensive experience assisting clients with pinpointing and resolving complexities to produce value-added processes and clear data communication. We help improve efficiency and reliability by streamlining and automating process steps, and apply creative methods to transform complicated data, relationships, and trends into easily interpreted visuals that tell a story. We provide powerful communication tools that help our clients synthesize information in ways that are meaningful to a variety of stakeholder groups.

Streamlining Internal Business ProcessesStreamlining Internal Business Processes

Processes put in place to meet a specific need commonly evolve over time. As new information is incorporated, a relatively simple process may become unwieldy. Integral provides technical tools for process improvement and the skills to understand how employees interface with processes and the data they manage.

Data Analysis and VisualizationData Analysis and Visualization

Successful business operations depend on efficient communication. Of particular importance is the synthesis of complex data in ways easily conveyed to various stakeholder groups. Integral brings expertise in data consolidation and analysis, as well as the skills and creativity to present complex information and communicate ideas.