Technical Integrity / Collaboration / Exceptional Results

Information Management

Integral scientists and engineers understand the value of a complete and accurate database and reference library to support the analyses conducted for our clients. Our project tabular data, spatial data, and citation information are centralized to ensure a single authoritative and quality-assured source of information for all analyses and reports. Integral also maintains a separate periodicals database. Accuracy is imperative. Integral database specialists are expert in utilizing off-the-shelf software packages and are skilled at developing customized systems for special needs. Our systems offer automated data import and export features, quality assurance/quality control checks, third party software interfaces, and built-in cross-tab and reference list writers. These features optimize data integrity and increase efficiency.

Environmental Database DevelopmentEnvironmental Database Development

Integral uses custom and commercial environmental databases to manage project data. Integral’s in-house client-server database accommodates all common types of environmental data, plus supporting information. Capabilities include spatial data selection and a web-based mapping interface.

Periodicals DatabasePeriodicals Database

Integral maintains both general and project-specific databases for storing and organizing periodicals and other documentation used to support our work. These databases allow us to manage report bibliographies consisting of hundreds of entries efficiently and cost-effectively.

Data CompliationData Compilation

Integral scientists and technical support staff have researched and compiled millions of database records from existing sources. We are conversant in regional and federal environmental database management systems and can export, transform, and package data in a variety of formats.