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GIS Solutions

Geographic information systems (GIS) and database tools have revolutionized our ability to display, interpret, and spatially analyze data, supporting practical and effective decision-making. Integral’s GIS and database specialists use advanced tools and techniques to collect and integrate data, and to perform spatial analyses and produce GIS maps, 3-dimensional animations, graphics, and data tables. Whether the goal is to characterize a plume or create a completely GIS-based model, our specialists have the skills and techniques to address spatial analysis problems. Our thorough understanding of the concepts underlying data, queries, and code in relational databases and our ability to create custom application interfaces enable us to apply the most effective solutions to respond to our clients’ needs.


Our expertise includes ESRI® ArcGIS, 3D Analyst (ArcScene, ArcGlobe), Geostatistical Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Arc Publisher/ArcReader; AutoDesk® AutoCAD; EarthSoft® EQuIS; Groundwater Vistas; MicroSoft® Access and SQL-Server; MySQL; PostgreSQL; PostGIS; UMN MapServer; Manifold® GIS/IMS; and C Tech® EVS.

Data VisualizationData Visualization

Using C Tech® EVS-Pro software, we can integrate large data sets from GIS, CAD, and other databases into realistic, volumetric 3-dimensional representations of complicated environmental sites. Geologic cross-sections of subsurface lithology can also be represented accurately in 3 dimensions.

Spatial AnalysisSpatial Analyses

Integral GIS specialists are skilled in a variety of spatial data analysis techniques. Our GIS-based analyses of distances, areas, and volumes support sound sampling design, exposure assessments, and remedial design. In addition, we use surface interpolation to provide inputs to numerical models and to derive contour, slope, and aspect maps.

Environmental ModelingEnvironmental Modeling

Integral staff are skilled in the discipline of data modeling and can efficiently restructure and combine data sets from a variety of sources to ensure compatibility and data integrity.

Web MappingWeb Mapping

As geographic information technology matures, there are increasing opportunities to present up-to-the-minute data and map products for our clients using internet mapping tools. Integral GIS specialists employ both commercial and open source options for presenting maps and data online, providing timely updates and a powerful way to visualize data.

Map ProductionMap Production

Our GIS staff provides managers and analysts with customized site maps in various sizes, scales, and levels of detail. Our maps can incorporate both publicly available and site-specific information such as aerial photography, tax parcel maps, site survey information, and CAD drawings of facility features.