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Computer technology


Integral’s technology services focus on state-of-the-science approaches for the management, display, and communication of project data to technical and nontechnical audiences. Our GIS and database specialists use the latest tools and techniques to collect and integrate data and to perform spatial analyses and produce GIS maps, 3-dimensional animations, graphics, and data tables for display and analysis. In addition, Integral technology specialists develop standardized, yet customizable, data management systems for each project.

Sediment Profile Imaging

Benthic Conditions • Automated Computer Image Analysis • Organic Enrichment
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Data Collection • Source Analyses • Contaminant Transport • Instrumentation • Remedy Design and Evaluation
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Information Management

Environmental Database Development • Periodicals Database • Data Compilation
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Decision Support Tools

Cost Schedule Risk Analysis • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis • Portfolio Modeling • Portfolio Prioritization Tools • Process Simulation and Optimization • Quantitative Decision Analysis
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GIS Solutions

Software • Data Visualization • Spatial Analyses • Environmental Modeling • Web Mapping • Map Production
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Modeling & Analysis Tools

Unmixing Analysis • Hierarchical Principal Component Analysis • Graphical Similarity Analysis • Geostatistical Modeling • Connectivity Modeling for Ecological Landscapes • Modeling of Ecological Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems • Habitat Analysis Using Remote Sensing • Microexposure Event Modeling • Air Dispersion and Deposition Modeling • Geologic and Groundwater Modeling
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Sediment Assessment

SEDflume Studies • Sediment Laboratories • Sediment Profile Imaging • Bottom Boundary Layer Studies • Sediment Flux • Contaminant Fate and Transport • Dredge Plume Modeling
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Process Improvement

Streamlining Internal Business Processes • Data Analysis and Visualization
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