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Organizations face continuing demands from stakeholders to reduce energy and water consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, decrease use of hazardous substances, and improve the quality of neighboring ecosystems, natural resources, and waterways. Integral has the staff and services to help clients address these environmental challenges and meet their sustainability goals.

Using our high-level scientific and engineering expertise, Integral assists clients in incorporating sustainable practices into operational processes, products, and projects. Beneficial outcomes include increased competitiveness, better stakeholder relations, reduced environmental impact, and an improved bottom line.

Corporate Commitment to Sustainability

Integral is not only committed to bringing sustainability to our project work and clients, but also has a strong internal corporate commitment to the principles of sustainability.  Our Corporate Sustainability Action Plan outlines our sustainability objectives for a wide range of business practices, identifies key team players, and targets timelines for implementation of sustainability objectives. This plan is revised annually.


Marine Renewable Energy

Resource Assessments • Environmental Impacts • Permitting and Compliance • Technology Development
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Climate Change Risk

Coastal Protection • Carbon Due Diligence • Strategic Carbon Footprint Evaluation • Emissions Verification
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Beyond Compliance

Environmental Management Systems • Reporting and Communication
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Sustainable Engineering

Beneficial Reuse • "Green" Remediation • Stormwater Management • Decision Analysis • Habitat Enhancement
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