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Air Quality

Integral air quality experts include atmospheric scientists, toxicologists, and environmental scientists, who evaluate exposures to humans from airborne contaminants. We conduct air modeling to support multi-pathway risk assessments and have developed and adapted EPA air quality models to support permit applications. Applying exposure factors and toxicological information, our exposure risk estimates have helped our clients set protective cleanup or discharge levels that meet regulatory standards—often at reduced cost. In addition, our knowledge of state-of-the-science emission controls has helped industries control contaminants using the latest, best technologies.

Source ModelingSource Modeling

Integral evaluates all types of air emission sources, including large stationary sources, mobile sources, and fugitive sources from soil and water. Using regulatory-approved models and methods, we support our clients in addressing compliance and permitting issues and in conducting federal and state risk assessments and remedial design.

Dose ReconstructionDose Reconstruction

Integral scientists have conducted dose reconstructions for radionuclide and hazardous air pollutant releases as part of regulatory programs and litigation. We have extensive experience in using air quality data to determine exposure and risk in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Emission Control TechnologyEmission Control Technology

Our sustainability experts perform technical and scientific analyses to identify the latest, most effective technology or method to reduce the emission and formation of atmospheric pollutants.