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Water Resources

Integral scientists and engineers have diverse expertise in groundwater and surface water hydrology and hydraulics, water quality investigations, watershed analysis, total maximum daily load (TMDL) development, waste load allocation, limnology, aquatic biology and chemistry, wetland ecology, and water supply evaluation.

Groundwater EvaluationGroundwater Evaluation

Integral scientists conduct groundwater resource evaluations using advanced field, laboratory, and modeling methods. Specific applications include dewatering studies, water resource quantity and quality investigations, aquifer and well testing, acid-rock impact evaluations, and solute transport studies.

Watershed AnalysisWatershed Analysis

Our approach to watershed management integrates our knowledge of wetland and watershed ecology, hydrology, environmental modeling, and habitat restoration to analyze risks to watersheds and develop effective management and mitigation plans.

Stormwater ManagementStormwater Management

Integral offers a comprehensive approach to stormwater management, addressing planning, sampling, design, engineering, and compliance at the facility level and for entire drainage basins.

Water QualityWater Quality

Integral has extensive experience in designing and implementing water quality monitoring programs, developing water quality models, conducting TMDL and wasteload allocation studies, and evaluating fate and transport of chemicals in aquatic systems.

Load Allocation TMDLLoad Allocation (TMDL)

Integral applies a diverse set of tools to reconstruct and allocate watershed loading, including historical research, spatial analysis, modeling, chemical fingerprinting, statistical methods; radioisotope or pollen dating; and causation analysis.