Technical Integrity / Collaboration / Exceptional Results

Site Investigation

Integral recognizes that the design and implementation of cost-effective environmental investigations depend on experience and foresight to anticipate how study results will be analyzed, interpreted, and applied. We design and execute efficient, science-based multimedia environmental investigations, founded on the outstanding technical qualifications of our team of geologists, hydrologists, chemists, biologists, and toxicologists.

Water Soil SedimentsWater, Soil, Sediments

Integral is widely known for its well-conceived groundwater, surface water, soil, and sediment investigations that are focused on informing key site management decisions and that are fully integrated with our risk assessment, remediation, and restoration capabilities.

Air QualityAir Quality

Integral’s expertise in atmospheric science, engineering, toxicology, and risk assessment creates the essential foundation for accurate, comprehensive, and reliable air quality evaluations.

Biological AssessmentBiological Assessment

Integral ecologists design and implement toxicity and bioaccumulation studies, conduct habitat surveys using accepted protocols, and have developed laboratory methods and statistical procedures for the evaluation of biological responses to chemical exposures.

Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment

Integral scientists have an impressive record of developing realistic and defensible human health and ecological risk assessments, built on our scientific credentials, regulatory knowledge, and ability to understand key site-specific factors that influence chemical exposure and risk.