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Sediments & Waterways

Integral provides a comprehensive array of services to meet our clients’ technical needs for evaluation and remediation of contaminated sediments in lakes, rivers, and impoundments. We also provide technical support for restoration and recovery efforts for wetland and aquatic habitat; development of ports, harbors, and waterfronts; and navigational dredging in rivers and estuaries. Our expertise in human and ecological risk assessment, physical and chemical sciences, and natural resource evaluation is fully integrated into our sediment management practice. Integral’s ocean services experience encompasses the entire water column, from surface waters to the deep-ocean and benthic habitats. We have successfully completed projects in a wide range of marine environments, from estuaries to deepwater natural oil seeps.

Sediment Biota and Surface Water InvestigationsSediment, Biota, and Surface Water Investigations

Integral designs and implements well-conceived, efficient investigations of sediment, biota, and water with the goal of identifying environmentally sound and cost-effective solutions for contaminated sediment remediation projects.

Remedy Selection Design and Implementation OversightRemedy Selection, Design, and Implementation Oversight

Our sediment engineers integrate risk-based criteria and real-world experience to identify remedial strategies that lead to final regulatory closure, while incorporating the flexibility needed to address the inherent uncertainties in sediment remediation.

Source Identification and AllocationSource Identification and Allocation

Integral scientists apply a variety of tools to reconstruct loading and allocate responsibility for chemical releases, including historical research, spatial analysis, chemical fingerprinting, statistical methods, radioisotope or pollen dating, and causation analysis.

Dredged Material EvaluationDredged Material Evaluation

Our dredged material evaluation expertise helps our clients make appropriate decisions from an array of possible management alternatives, including disposal in nearshore or upland confined facilities, open-water disposal, and beneficial reuse.

Sediments Biological AssessmentBiological Assessment

Integral scientists are authorities in the evaluation of biological effects resulting from chemical exposures in contaminated sediments, pore water, and surface water.

Sediments Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment

Integral scientists have conducted site-specific human health and ecological risk assessments at contaminated sediment sites across North America to support the identification of cleanup goals that are environmentally protective, realistic, and cost-effective.

Ocean ServicesOcean Services

Integral’s ocean services experience includes harbor remediation projects, contaminant forensic investigations, fisheries and population modeling studies and risk assessments, and ocean bottom sampling studies.