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Regulatory Compliance

We assist our clients in developing integrated systems to ensure their operations achieve and maintain compliance with applicable environmental, and health and safety regulations at federal, state, and local levels. Integral develops practical management systems for implementing effective compliance programs, cultivates positive relationships with key regulators, and provides the knowledge and skills to optimize environmental and health and safety performance.

Management SystemsManagement Systems

Integral develops management systems that collect facility data, track documentation, and confirm internal controls and completion of environmental health and safety tasks, allowing our clients to focus on business activities rather than routine compliance matters.


We conduct assessments and audits for compliance with regulations on air and water quality, waste management, and health and safety. In addition, we provide practical “action plans” to improve operations, maintain compliance, and reduce risk and liability.


Recognizing that a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment is a critical element in achieving appropriate and cost-effective outcomes, Integral’s staff includes specialists in federal and state regulations.


Integral scientists and engineers combine their knowledge of the most recent regulations with state-of-the-art scientific tools to collect necessary data and obtain environmental permits for new facility construction and existing facility expansions, or to comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

Waste Water AirWaste, Water, and Air

Integral scientists and engineers provide technical assistance and use state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques to evaluate proposed project impacts on air, water, and waste management.

Hazardous Materials and Employee ExposureHazardous Materials and Employee Exposure

Integral provides strategic support and technical guidance to legal and insurance professionals on claims involving personnel exposure to hazardous materials.