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Integral has a proven record of developing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to the complex permitting, compliance, and closure challenges facing our mining clients. We offer exceptional breadth and depth of experience in successfully navigating the unique set of technical issues that confront mining projects from the earliest stages of planning and permitting, through the operational life of the mine, and during closure and long-term management. We provide negotiation support to help our clients achieve successful outcomes with regulators and other stakeholders, and offer testifying and consulting experts in the event of litigation.

Mining GeochemistryGeochemistry

Integral offers diverse expertise in assessing geochemical issues at mining sites. These efforts include evaluating and mitigating potential liabilities associated with mine pit lakes, waste rock, tailings impoundments, and mine effluent waters.

Hydrology and HydrogeologyHydrology and Hydrogeology

Development, management, and protection of water resources are a central element of many mining projects. Integral scientists and engineers have multidisciplinary expertise in groundwater and surface water hydrology and hydraulics, watershed analysis, water quality investigations, limnology, wetland ecology, and water supply evaluation.

Life Cycle AnalysisLife Cycle Analysis

Integral offers clients a unique regulator-supported approach called Hydrologic and Environmental Systems Analysis (HESA), which provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary method, and an expert team for synthesizing and analyzing diverse data sets, leading to better decision-making, cost-effective solutions, and reduced environmental liability and impacts.

Permitting and CompliancePermitting and Compliance

Integral provides state-of-the-art technical analysis and fosters productive relationships with regulators and other stakeholders to help our clients successfully navigate the permitting process. We also develop independent, integrated systems to help our clients maintain compliance with environmental health and safety (EHS) requirements.

Closure and ReclamationClosure and Reclamation

Integral brings decades of experience with environmental issues at mining projects to bear on developing life-cycle evaluations and closure plans that minimize long- term operational and maintenance costs, environmental impacts, and future liability.

Human HealthHuman Health

Integral toxicologists and risk assessors have substantial experience in conducting toxicological studies, evaluating site-specific indoor and outdoor exposures, and preparing risk assessments for metals and other residuals from mining operations.

Air QualityAir Quality

Integral’s expertise in atmospheric science, engineering, toxicology, and risk assessment creates the essential foundation for accurate, comprehensive, and reliable air quality evaluations and risk-based solutions for mining clients.

Mining EcologyEcology

Integral scientists have extensive technical expertise, broad regulatory knowledge, and strategic experience to assist clients and their counsel in assessing and managing ecological risks and evaluating potential natural resource damage liabilities associated with mining projects.

Litigation SupportLitigation Support

Mining projects often include legal as well as important technical dimensions. Integral works with attorneys and law firms throughout the nation in the context of litigation and regulatory compliance issues related to mining.

GIS Data Management and VisualizationGIS, Data Management, and Visualization

Integral’s GIS and database specialists use advanced tools to integrate data, perform 2- and 3-dimensional geostatistical and geospatial analyses, and produce compelling maps, animations, and other data visualizations.