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Engineering & Remediation

Integral offers advanced engineering expertise to support all phases of remediation and development projects, from project planning through final design and construction. Our goal is to develop permanent solutions that achieve risk-based goals, minimize future liability, and maximize project value. Our success is based on efficient integration of site data, chemical fate and transport characteristics, and risk-based principles to develop practical, cost-effective solutions.

Project PlanningProject Planning

Our clients value the depth of expertise that we bring to the early stages of a project. We identify management strategies that focus on prompt resolution of environmental issues, minimize demands on our clients’ resources, and preserve future property values.

Portfolio ConsultingPortfolio Consulting

We specialize in helping clients with large and diverse portfolios in estimating, prioritizing, and managing their sites effectively. We have developed robust financial models to forecast lifecycle costs that have saved clients millions by reducing environmental liability reserves.

Feasibility StudiesFeasibility Studies

To ensure our clients’ cleanup dollars are used effectively, Integral prepares feasibility studies that consider a range of proven and innovative remedial technologies and incorporate risk-based cleanup objectives.

Design and ConstructionDesign and Construction

Integral offers comprehensive remedial design and construction support services. We prepare design documents that clearly define project requirements and goals, and we provide proven construction oversight experience to ensure that projects are successfully completed.

Monitoring and OptimizationMonitoring and Optimization

Our engineering team develops practical performance monitoring plans as an important component of our remedial designs. Our performance audits focus on optimizing system efficiency, expediting closure, and reducing long-term operation and maintenance costs.

Remedial InvestigationsRemedial Investigations

Integral designs and implements focused environmental investigations that are designed to support appropriate risk management decisions and efficient identification of practical remedial options.


Our remediation and restoration plans are firmly rooted in risk-based strategies that reflect the exposure environment, receptors, and toxicology unique to each site.

Project Management and Project ControlsProject Management and Project Controls

Integral assists in project management by developing and tracking integrated project plans. We are skilled in creating cost loaded, dynamic network schedules. Our tracking methods provide early notification of project variances, evaluate corrective actions, and contribute to on schedule, on budget completion. We use data from individual projects to create “dashboards” that provide at-a-glance performance information for environmental portfolios.