Technical Integrity / Collaboration / Exceptional Results


Integral scientists have extensive technical expertise, broad regulatory knowledge, and strategic experience to assist clients and their counsel in managing ecological risks and natural resource damage liabilities. We approach risk management with a comprehensive view, fully integrating our risk assessment expertise with our upland, sediment, water, and natural resource services. We use our knowledge of ecology, toxicology, statistics, and forensics, along with site-specific chemical, physical, and biological conditions, to craft realistic risk assessments, evaluate the basis and technical merit of natural resource injury claims, and identify the likely sources of risk and causes of natural resource injury when multiple sources exist.

Natural Resource Damage AssessmentNatural Resource Damage Assessment

Our services include developing negotiating positions, conducting independent reviews of data to assess the credibility of a claim, developing independent estimates of damages, and using habitat equivalency analysis and other tools to examine and scale restoration projects.

Ecology Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment

Integral scientists have helped numerous clients in developing realistic evaluation and management approaches for ecological risks. Our methods and findings have broadly influenced the scientific community as well as state and federal regulatory guidance.


We are experts in developing and implementing ecological models. Our staff developed the first probabilistic risk model submitted under FIFRA, authored peer-reviewed articles and textbooks on ecological models, and were some of the first to apply ecosystem models for effective decision-making.

Bioavailability StudiesBioavailability Studies

Integral scientists develop focused research programs to help resolve key uncertainties that critically influence the outcome of risk assessments, toxicological and exposure evaluations, and regulations.