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Evaluating and solving environmental problems is a central focus of our practice. Integral provides support to national and international clients in the areas of site investigation and assessment, engineering and remediation, sediments and waterways, ecology and natural resource damage assessment, environmental forensics, water resources, and compliance management.

Site Investigation

Water, Soil, Sediments • Air Quality • Biological Assessment • Risk Assessment
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Marine Science

Oceanographic Studies • Numerical Modeling • Sediment Transport Studies and Water Quality Analysis • Hydrographic and Geophysical Surveys • Field and Laboratory Support • Coastal and Metocean Studies • Marine Renewable Energy Studies • Underwater Acoustics • Data Management and Visualization • Risk Assessment for Inland, Coastal, and Ocean Environments • Natural Resource Damage Assessment • Ecosystem Assessment and Management • Permitting, Design, and Studies for Ports and Harbors • Dredging and Sediment Investigation
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Geochemistry • Hydrology and Hydrogeology • Life Cycle Analysis • Permitting and Compliance • Closure and Reclamation • Human Health • Air Quality • Ecology • Litigation Support • GIS, Data Management, and Visualization
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Regulatory Compliance

Management Systems • Auditing • Compliance • Permitting • Waste, Water, and Air • Hazardous Materials and Employee Exposure
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Modeling & Forensics

Chemical Source Identification • Fate and Transport Analysis • Chemical Fingerprinting • Geochemistry • Hydrology and Hydraulics • Allocation Strategies
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Engineering & Remediation

Project Planning • Portfolio Consulting • Feasibility Studies • Design and Construction • Monitoring and Optimization • Remedial Investigations • Remediation • Project Management and Project Controls
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Water Resources

Groundwater Evaluation • Watershed Analysis • Stormwater Management • Water Quality • Load Allocation (TMDL)
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Stormwater Management

Permit Compliance Support and Strategic Planning • Engineering Design and Implementation of Cost-Effective Stormwater Treatment Strategies • Mass Loading and Source Identification • Modeling • Litigation Support
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Natural Resource Damage Assessment • Risk Assessment • Modeling • Bioavailability Studies
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Sediments & Waterways

Sediment, Biota, and Surface Water Investigations • Remedy Selection, Design, and Implementation Oversight • Source Identification and Allocation • Dredged Material Evaluation • Biological Assessment • Risk Assessment • Ocean Services
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Litigation Support

General Litigation Support • Expert Witness Testimony • Fate and Transport • Allocation and Apportionment • Forensics • Engineering Design and Construction • Toxicology • Risk Assessment • Natural Resource Damages • Data Management
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Strategic Business Services

Portfolio Estimating • Portfolio Prioritization • Portfolio Management • Streamlining Internal Business Processes • Project Management and Project Controls • Cost Schedule Risk Analysis • Quantitative Decision Analysis • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis • Optimization • Data Visualization
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