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Press Release

Analysis and Assessment: Integral Presents at SETAC Virtual Meeting

By Kelsey Kirkland, G.I.T., Project Scientist
Annaleise Conway, Scientist
Stella Wang, Project Scientist

Integral scientists Annaleise Conway, Paul DeLeo, Ph.D., Kelsey Kirkland, G.I.T., Analise Lindborg, and Stella Wang will deliver platform and poster presentations discussing chemical analyses and risk assessments at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). Held on November 14–18, 2021, the virtual conference features both live and on-demand sessions. Read on for Integral’s schedule of presentations.

Schedule of Integral’s Activity

Wednesday November 17, 2021, 1:00–2:00 p.m. PST

Session ID: 06.02.05
Subsurface Visualization Using Geophysical Survey Methods
Authors: K. Kirkland (Integral), L. Uselman (Integral), D. Deetz Silva (EVRAZ Inc. NA)
Presenter: Kelsey Kirkland

Thursday November 18, 2021, 9:30–11:30 a.m. PST

Session ID: 08.02.10
High Throughput Ingredient Screening to Improve the Sustainability Profile of a Portfolio of Consumer Products
Authors: A. Conway (Integral), P. DeLeo (Integral), S. Wang (Integral), C. Ross (Integral), A. Carrao (Kao USA), A. Dysert (Kao USA)
Presenter: Annaleise Conway

Session ID: 08.02.12
Advancing High-Throughput Environmental Risk Assessment of Fragrance Materials to Improve Transparency and Enhance Safe Use
Authors: P. DeLeo (Integral), C. Stevens (Integral), A. Lapczynski (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials)
Presenter: Paul DeLeo

On-Demand Program

Session ID: 04.02.15
Analysis of Monitoring Data for the Fragrance Material HHCB in Surface Waters of the United States from 2015–2021
Authors: S. Wang (Integral), P. DeLeo (Integral), D. Ferrer (Fragrance Creators Association), A. Lapczynski (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials)
Presenter: Stella Wang

Session ID: 04.13.05
Assessment of Ethoxylated Surfactants in Wastewater Effluent, Stormwater Runoff, and Ambient Water of San Francisco Bay, CA
Authors: A. Lindborg (Integral), K. Overdahl (Duke University), B. Vogler (Duke University), D. Lin (San Francisco Estuary Institute), R. Sutton (San Francisco Estuary Institute), L. Ferguson (Duke University)
Presenter: Analise Lindborg

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Integral is proud to serve as a SETAC meeting supporter. For more information on Integral’s services or presence at SETAC, contact Mala Pattanayek at