Technical Integrity / Collaboration / Exceptional Results

Client Sectors

Integral’s approach to working with clients is grounded in a philosophy of technical excellence, collaborative problem solving, and clear communication. We are dedicated to helping our clients in a diverse range of public and private enterprises make informed decisions, manage risk effectively, and achieve their technical goals. Our clients trust Integral scientists and engineers to provide credible, rigorous technical analysis and advice across a variety of practice areas focusing on health, environment, technology, and sustainability.

Our Clients

  • City, state, and federal jurisdictions
  • Industry
    – Agriculture
    – Chemical
    – Construction
    – Real Estate Development and Brownfields
    – Energy
    – Forest Products
    – Manufacturing
    – Mining and Minerals
    – Oil and Gas
    – Pharmaceutical
    – Technology
    – Travel
  • Law firms
  • Nonprofits
  • Ports
  • Public health agencies and foundations