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Press Release

Erin Palko Presents on Environmental Issues Related to the Spill Act at CCNJ Conference

By Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP, Principal
Keith P. Brodock, P.E., P.P., Principal
Kristian Fried, Ph.D., Dr. rer. nat., DABT, ERT, Senior Consultant

During the Chemistry Council of New Jersey’s (CCNJ) October 25–26, 2021, Conference, Integral Consulting Principal Erin Palko, P.G., LSRP, will present on New Jersey’s Spill Compensation and Control Act (Spill Act), which prohibits the discharge of hazardous substances into the environment, and makes dischargers jointly and severally liable for the resulting environmental contamination. Ms. Palko will discuss emerging contaminants in today’s regulatory environment. Visit exhibit booth #16 and learn more about Integral’s capabilities in site investigation and remediation, emerging contaminants and regulatory compliance. Integral Principal Keith Brodock, P.E., P.P., will also attend the conference.

Held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the in-person CCNJ conference includes keynote speakers on digital disruption and business and society in the new landscape, along with seminars on stormwater management, environmental compliance and permitting, forensics and environmental justice.

Ms. Palko will present during the following session:

Monday, October 25, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Forty-Five Years After the Spill Act: What Has Changed, What Remains the Same, and What Does the Future Hold?

Gail H. Conenello, Partner, K&L Gates; Kathi Stetser, LSRP, Vice President, GEI Consultants; Erin Palko, LSRP, Principal, Integral Consulting

Integral’s services also extend into human health risk assessments for environmental contaminants. Senior Consultant Kristian Fried, Ph.D., Dr. rer. nat., DABT, ERT, has authored a white paper about a new mammalian toxicokinetics database that contains information on more than 1,400 chemicals—mainly pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and persistent environmental contaminants. In the white paper, he outlines why the database is an important tool and how toxicologists can use it to assess risks and causation related to chemical exposures. Download White Paper.

The CCNJ is the advocate and voice in New Jersey for the business of chemistry and member companies, all of whom are committed to a better quality of life through science. CCNJ represents the interests of more than 50 New Jersey manufacturers and 45 firms in the business of chemistry before the New Jersey legislature, Executive Branch, and state agencies.

For more information about Integral’s capabilities or involvement with CCNJ, contact Ms. Palko at