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Webinar on Using Decision Analysis to Maximize Benefits in Environmental Management

Webinar on Using Decision Analysis to Maximize Benefits in Environmental Management

 October 27, 2016, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. PDT


Environmental managers are often faced with the task of navigating uncertainty to make difficult decisions involving multiple alternatives, high stakes, and conflicting objectives. This free, one-hour webinar discusses the benefits of applying structured decision analysis when evaluating complex alternatives with uncertain outcomes. The return on investing in better decisions can be significant, often in excess of 100 to 1. Through a series of industry-focused case studies, we will demonstrate the value of decision analysis to achieve significant cost savings and technically defensible strategies on complex and high-risk projects for environmental and asset management applications including:

  • Determining asset disposition
  • Optimizing operations
  • Integrating remediation and redevelopment
  • Selecting remedial alternatives
  • Planning logistics.
Why Attend?
  • Learn new ways to evaluate and incorporate uncertainty in decision making to improve project outcomes
  • Acquire methods for incorporating stakeholder input, bringing key decision makers together, and addressing competing objectives
  • Discover how decision analysis can fit into existing processes and regulatory frameworks
  • Understand how to frame complex decisions and produce technically defensible analyses using value-focused thinking.
Register now – attendance is limited. If you are interested in receiving Continuing Education credits, please note the
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Tim Havranek is a Principal at Integral and is the practice leader of the Strategic Business Services (SBS) group. He specializes in the application of quantitative decision analysis and probabilistic modeling to facilitate strategic planning, and in the implementation of project management processes to ensure effective plan implementation. Mr. Havranek has more than 30 years of consulting experience in the environmental remediation and oil and gas production industries.



Leigh Hostetter is a senior managing scientist in Integral’s SBS group with 14 years of consulting experience. She specializes in applying quantitative, probabilistic methods and spreadsheet modeling tools to help improve client decision making and project planning processes. Ms. Hostetter is a certified project management professional (P.M.P.) and has presented findings from her work in numerous academic papers and at conferences.



Jennifer Archuleta is a managing scientist in Integral’s SBS group. She has 12 years of consulting experience and specializes in facilitation, project management, decision analysis, stakeholder engagement, and project controls. With a background in environmental science, Ms. Archuleta has managed both infrastructure and environmental projects, and is a certified P.M.P.

Tim Havranek, M.B.A., P.M.P.

Leigh Hostetter, P.M.P.
Senior Managing Scientist
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Jennifer Archuleta, P.M.P.
Managing Scientist
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