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Water Resource Management

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Why Integral for your water management needs?

Water is important to your company, your products, your people, and your success. Water management can take many forms, but it all has the same goal – use water responsibly with minimal impact on the environment. Our water resources team is a diverse, internationally experienced, and passionate group that will work with you to solve your challenges big or small. From identifying sources of water to treatment and monitoring after discharge, we specialize in innovative solutions for water use and water management across the country.

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Meet our water management team

Melissa Armstrong, P.E.

Sean Culkin, P.G., C.H.G

Reuben Dandurand, P.Geo.

R. Jeffrey Davis, P.E., CGWP

Kelsey Kirkland, G.I.T.

David Livermore, R.G., L.H.G.

Michael Sweetenham, P.G.

Logan Uselman, Ph.D., P.G.

Markets we serve

Industry & Manufacturing

Water use life cycle in industry and manufacturing

Water plays a key role in the industrial process. It can be difficult managing the sourcing, stewardship, discharge, and monitoring of the water needed to run your business. Integral works with industrial clients to help them acquire the water they need, use it in the most sustainable manner, and discharge it meeting all regulatory requirements with little to no impact on the environment. We understand each phase comes with unique challenges specific to your location, regulatory environment, and industry, and our engineers and scientists are here to help.

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable stewardship as it relates to your organization’s ESG objectives
  • Conceptualization of water system occurrence, flow, and changes in water quality from source to endpoint
  • Water rights permitting
  • Quantifying water systems (surface and groundwater flow and transport) with modeling tools
  • Sampling and reporting
  • NPDES & UIC permitting
  • Environmental and human health risk assessment

Case Studies

PFAS Detected in Drinking Water Supply

Optimizing Water Use Where Resources Are Scarce


Water use life cycle in mining

Strategic water management can save an organization time, money, and headache in the mining industry. Clients expect consultants to not only help solve the problem of water management, but to do so in an efficient and cost effective manner. Integral works with mining clients to manage their water starting from exploration to post closure and reclamation. We support our clients in their dewatering strategy and environmental impact statements when exploring or expanding mining sites. Our clients rely on our modeling skills to design sustainable systems for water management in their mining process. Then when the time comes to close the site, we are here to design closure strategies that will save time and money.

Areas of expertise

  • Conceptualization of water system occurrence, flow, and changes in water quality from source to endpoint
  • Dewatering strategies
  • Permitting
  • Quantifying water systems (surface and groundwater flow and transport) with modeling tools
  • Modeling and conceptualization of water system (both groundwater flow and transport and hydro geochemistry)
  • Program management


Case Studies

Optimizing Water Use Where Resources Are Scarce

Planning for Water Management in Mines


Water use life cycle in municipalities

When it comes to water, Municipalities ask these two key questions, “where are we going to get the water our community demands?” and “what are we going to do with our used water?”. Sourcing water for a municipality is a complex problem involving rights, permitting, treatment, engineering logistics, and sustainability. Each situation is unique and must be understood holistically. Integral’s engineers and scientists help municipalities develop planning and forecasting for water needs, design aquifer storage and recharge (ASR) systems, and design treatment systems to turn contaminated water into multiple uses of reclaimed water. We gather the information to understand the environmental system our clients are in and build creative sustainable solutions to meet their needs from source to discharge.

Areas of expertise

  • Aquifer Storage and Recharge
  • PFAS and other emerging contaminant treatment design
  • NPDES permitting
  • Permitting
  • Stormwater & wastewater design


Case Studies

Aquifer Storage and Recharge for Farmland Water Use

Aquifer Storage and Recharge Design for a Western City