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StormCon 2017: Barry Kellems Coauthors Paper on Stormwater Management

Barry KellemsIntegral Principal Engineer Barry Kellems, P.E., will attend the StormCon 2017 Surface Water Quality Conference and Expo, to be held in Bellevue, Washington, on August 27–31, 2017. Mr. Kellems is coauthor for a presentation and paper titled “Stormwater Management at Facilities Draining to Sediment Superfund Sites.” Covering a range of topics, the 16th annual StormCon will include presentations on best management practices (BMP) case studies, green infrastructure, stormwater program management, water-quality monitoring, and industrial stormwater.

Mr. Kellems’ paper addresses the challenges of managing stormwater at facilities draining to sediment Superfund sites, which are unique due to the high level of emphasis on pollutant source control and the substantial financial exposure for historical and ongoing potential for sediment contamination, as well as the threat of future potential sediment recontamination. As a result, facilities at these sites must evaluate stormwater discharges not just with regard to stormwater permit compliance, but also with careful attention to the potential for contaminants in stormwater to have an adverse effect on sediment quality in the immediate vicinity of the facility. Moreover, these facilities must implement measures that afford a higher degree of certainty in control of, and accountability for, contaminant discharges. Using a hypothetical example of a marina and boatyard facility, Mr. Kellems and his coauthors—including Philip Spadaro (presenting) of TIG Environmental and Stefano Biondi of StormwaterItalia in Venice, Italy—describe measures taken to provide greater certainty and control of potential contaminant discharges.

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With more than 30 years of consulting experience, Mr. Kellems specializes in stormwater and wastewater management at industrial facilities.  His broad experience encompasses NPDES permitting and feasibility studies, as well as design, construction, and performance monitoring of treatment facilities for a range of industries, including wood products, ports, shipyards, boatyards, railroads, and other facilities.

In addition to presentations, StormCon will offer an exhibitor showcase, technical workshops, and educational tours.  For more information, visit

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