Tyler E. Gass, P.G., P.Hg.
Associate of Integral

Mr. Tyler Gass is a licensed professional geologist and hydrogeologist with more than 30 years of experience broadly ranging from the evaluation and design of village water supply in developing countries to major municipal groundwater supply systems in the United States, and including the investigation and remediation of some of the most chemically hazardous sites in the United States. Mr. Gass has worked at numerous hazardous waste sites across the United States, where he has performed subsurface site characterization and contaminant assessments and designed and implemented groundwater and soil remediation programs. As a former Director of Research for the National Ground Water Association, Mr. Gass testified before several congressional committees and made presentations to a variety of state legislative bodies encouraging the development of rational regulations to protect groundwater quality from solid and hazardous waste disposal. Mr. Gass was appointed to the Army Science Advisory Board in 1994 and served three terms on the Board until 2000. During that time, Mr. Gass was the primary author of a white paper addressing the performance of groundwater remediation systems at Army installations throughout the United States, and he was the Chairman of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee from 1998 to 2000.