Sean Kosinski, P.Hg.
Senior Consultant
Sean Kosinski, P.Hg.'s headshot

Mr. Sean Kosinski is a professional hydrogeologist with 18 years of consulting experience. His primary area of expertise is numerical simulation of hydrologic systems. He has managed projects that involved modeling of variable-density brine reservoirs; interaction of seawater and groundwater; large-scale dewatering operations at open-pit and underground mines; and fate and transport simulations of heat, metals, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), radionuclides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and chlorinated solvents. He has experience designing well networks for groundwater supply and (bio)remediation systems, and optimizing those systems for improved performance, reduced costs, and accelerated time frames for reaching compliance. His experience as a groundwater modeler includes developing deterministic and stochastic flow and transport models and calibrating them using inverse methods, as well as performing independent reviews of models. Mr. Kosinski is well versed in hydrologic field methods, including the planning, implementation, and interpretation of tracer, pumping, and slug tests; interpretation of geologic and geophysical logs; and monitoring of the vadose zone. Recently, he worked to support counsel on several multiparty litigation cases involving contaminant fate and transport. His recent work in the mining sector has helped to resolve permitting and compliance issues with regulators in the United States and abroad. Examples include facilitating contaminated site closure at sites as complex as those at the Nevada Test Site, advising federal regulators on best management practices for lithium brine development, and coordinating responses to public comments on EISs for mining clients.