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Noah Stewart-Maddox

Noah Stewart-Maddox

Scientist (385) 955-5186 salt lake city, UT

Mr. Noah Stewart-Maddox is hydrogeologist with 4 years of experience in groundwater modeling, hydrological modeling, and data analysis. His work has focused on modeling the effects of water resources management decisions to help inform policymakers. To best convey this information to policymakers, Mr. Stewart-Maddox uses unique visualizations and animations to present complex information in a clear and concise way.

Groundwater Modeling

Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Managed Recharge Program, Idaho Collected and compiled data from managed recharge program to model effects of managed recharge on aquifer health. Created Python scripts to quickly and easily model the effects of multiple different scenarios. Presented results to policymakers, legislators, and stakeholders to provide information on the effects of different water management decisions to the aquifer health.
Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Supplies, New Mexico Used Leapfrog to construct a 3-dimensional geological model of the El Rito watershed in northern New Mexico using geological maps and field visits. Calibrated the hydrogeological model using field observations and ran different scenarios testing the effects of climate change on the basin.

Hydrologic Modeling

Cloud Seeding Benefits Analysis, Idaho Developed a methodology for determining which stakeholders received the benefits of increased streamflow due to cloud seeding. Process involved reservoir and hydropower modeling, irrigation demand forecasting, and stream routing. Updated groundwater component of more detailed RiverWare model.
Managed Recharge Capacity Forecasting, Idaho Used historical water rights accounting data to determine historical availability of water for managed recharge, taking into consideration factors such as weather, maintenance, and physical capacity.

Litigation Support

Recharge Availability in the Wood River, Idaho Wrote expert report for water rights hearing detailing the availability of water for managed recharge in the Wood River basin and how this would interact with existing water rights.

Data Analysis

Water Level Animation, Idaho Created a daily animation of water level changes in the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer from 2016–2021 using hundreds of wells monitored by hand and transducers. Used SQL to pull data from database and interpolated these data in Python to created animation. Compared observed and modeled changes in water level to determine causes of water level change.

Groundwater Monitoring

Mass Water Level Measurements, Idaho Participated in multiple mass measurement campaigns across Idaho measuring water levels to monitor aquifers throughout the state. Installed transducers and other monitoring equipment along with telemetry at select sites.

Water Quality Monitoring

Recharge Groundwater Quality Monitoring, Idaho Collected groundwater quality samples following Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) water quality monitoring standards for managed recharge. Analyzed data and submitted annual reports to IDEQ in compliance with monitoring plans.


Inverse Geochemical Modeling, New Mexico Quantified the amount of interbasin groundwater flow between two basins using inverse geochemical modeling. Rock samples were collected and analyzed using x-ray diffraction to determine the mineral composition. The mineral composition was then used to constrain the geochemical evolution of groundwater through the watershed. By separating the mixing into two systems, the amount of interbasin groundwater flow could be quantified.