Nicholas Shonka

Mr. Nicholas Shonka is a consultant with broad experience in aquatic sciences, including watershed science, aquatic biogeochemistry, marine science, and soil and water resource management. He has experience collecting field samples, analyzing complex environmental data, and preparing reports related to drinking water and wastewater systems as well as rivers, lakes, and saltwater ecosystems. Mr. Shonka has 8 years of aquatic analytical laboratory experience with drinking and wastewater systems, oceanographic and limnological environments, and mining water quality testing. In addition to his aquatic field research, data analysis, and laboratory knowledge, Mr. Shonka has also worked with federal and state regulatory agencies to produce National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) reports for permitted levels of effluent discharge for wastewater treatment systems. In recent projects, Mr. Shonka has used high frequency, in situ water quality sensors to monitor suspended sediment in real time in rivers during large storm events to produce improved models of watershed sediment and nutrient transport during high-flow periods.