Neil R. Simon
Technology Specialist
Neil R. Simon's headshot

Mr. Neil Simon has more than 20 years of experience in software architecture, software development, and software and IT consulting services. He specializes in back-end design and development of automated data processing tools, database storage and retrieval, data management and organization, and data validation. Mr. Simon focuses on solutions that actively involve end users, employing a cross-functional collaborative team approach and iterative methods to gather frequent user feedback. His modular, cross-platform designs interface well with front-end graphical systems and web sites to reduce complexity and improve the user experience. Mr. Simon is also proficient in preparing system documentation, writing technical specifications, and providing user training.

Mr. Simon’s application experience includes automation of periodic environmental data processing, loading and reporting; custom environmental data loading, load logging and reporting, and data visualization; organization and management of environmental laboratory data; and development of standardized application programming interfaces.