Matt Behum
Senior Scientist

Mr. Matthew Behum is an ecologist with 15 years of experience in the field supporting multimedia ecological and human health risk assessments at Superfund sites and private industrial facilities.  He has used the Johnson & Ettinger vapor intrusion model for human health risk assessments and has participated in preparing risk assessment reports.  Mr. Behum has also performed environmental compliance audits with Maryland Vehicle Administration testing facilities. In addition to his risk assessment experience, Mr. Behum has sampled plants, benthic invertebrates, and aquatic vertebrates in both marine and freshwater systems and has identified juvenile invertebrates using molecular techniques. He has experience in ecological theory, database management, and general biostatistical analyses.  He also has field management experience on a variety of projects, including coordination of a million-dollar, multiphase field effort involving biotic and abiotic sampling at a New Jersey Superfund site, as well as leading a data collection investigation of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in water systems on behalf of an East Coast chemical manufacturer.  Mr. Behum is the office manager for Integral’s Annapolis, Maryland, location, and is the company corporate health and safety manager.  He is also treasurer of the Chesapeake-Potomac Regional Chapter for the Society of Ecotoxicology and Chemistry.