Lucinda Jacobs, Ph.D.

Dr. Lucinda Jacobs is an environmental scientist who specializes in aquatic and sediment geochemistry, processes that mitigate exposure to toxic chemicals, and processes that control chemical transport and fate. During her 25 years of experience, she has designed, directed, and contributed to a variety of multidisciplinary environmental studies, including global studies of metal behavior in anoxic marine systems; RI/FS and ecological risk assessment projects in wetlands, river systems, urban lakes, and bays; and natural resource damage assessments (NRDAs). Dr. Jacobs has developed and directed investigations that integrated source control and chemical fate processes (e.g., bioavailability, natural recovery) with effects-based testing to derive site-specific toxicity thresholds, cleanup levels, and benchmark values. She is familiar with a wide variety of field sampling and laboratory analytical methods, including toxicity testing and radionuclide dating techniques, and she has designed or contributed to the design of a variety of field studies. She has directed the preparation of two data validation guidance manuals.

Dr. Jacobs has served as an expert witness and expert consultant on chemical fingerprinting, loading analyses, the timing of releases, natural resource injury, and the interpretation and conclusions of environmental investigations. This work has included reconstructing historical scenarios for environmental releases and analyzing existing environmental distributions in the context of current and ongoing sources and transport/fate processes.