Les Williams, Ph.D.
Associate of Integral

Dr. Les Williams is a senior ecologist certified by the Ecological Society of America, specializing in the characterization and quantification of ecological risk and natural resource injury in support of focused management strategies for contaminated aquatic, sediment, and terrestrial systems.  His consulting practice includes quantitative techniques and modeling applications that can be used in site-specific evaluations of injury to natural resources, management of contaminated sediment and dredged materials, determination of chemical bioaccumulation and toxicity in aquatic and terrestrial organisms, development of site-specific sediment quality and water quality values, and human health and ecological risk assessments.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Williams has also provided technical, project, and program management leadership for numerous projects involving interdisciplinary teams of natural resource experts, scientists, and engineers.  He has provided these services to the pulp and paper industry, mining and smelting corporations, petrochemical and pesticide manufacturing companies, power utilities, municipalities, state health and regulatory agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Defense, and Department of Energy.  He has also authored numerous publications and presentations in nationally and internationally recognized journals and professional societies.  He is currently involved in a number of projects concerning application of risk assessment techniques to restoration planning, influence of chemical and non-chemical stressors on valuation of salmonid habitat, and ecological and human health risk assessments associated with a former mining site and a former pesticide manufacturing facility.