Jane Hamblen

Ms. Jane Hamblen is a consultant with 30 years of experience in risk assessment, environmental health, and biology. She is responsible for managing risk assessment projects, providing senior review of work products, and providing technical assistance on a variety of human health projects. Ms. Hamblen’s expertise is in exposure assessment, specializing in both deterministic and probabilistic analyses. She has led projects involving material, use, and exposure assessments of phthalates and other chemicals in consumer products for compliance with California’s Proposition 65. She has also evaluated the public health impacts associated with PCBs, chlorinated organic compounds, mercury, resorcinol, pesticides, gasoline spills, and ash generated by power plants. In addition, Ms. Hamblen has developed risk-specific chemical concentrations for deriving cleanup goals, and she has evaluated public health risks associated with remedial alternatives. Her toxicology experience includes assisting in the development of alternative cancer toxicity criteria and tolerable daily intakes for PCBs and a noncancer reference dose for resorcinol.

Ms. Hamblen has co-authored a number of published technical papers, including articles on the use of Monte Carlo methodology in exposure assessment. Her extensive project experience has included human health risk assessments (HHRAs) conducted under CERCLA, RCRA, and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Her project management experience ranges from baseline risk assessments to dose reconstruction projects. She has managed toxic tort cases that allege health effects from chemical exposure and worked in the area of regulatory compliance for worker and community right-to-know legislation.