J. Bernadette Wright, L.G.
Project Scientist

Ms. Bernadette Wright is a geologist with 5 years of environmental consulting experience in remediation, site assessments, and project management. She provides technical support for remedial investigations, conceptual site model development, data interpretation, field effort design and sampling, and project scope and cost management. Ms. Wright has extensive experience leading environmental sampling efforts, including collecting sediment, soil, groundwater, surface water, stormwater, and porewater samples.

Ms. Wright’s graduate work focused on understanding movement of material in the subsurface during tectonic events. On a microscopic scale, she modeled migration of constituents to mineral nucleation sites and designed a new geochemical analytical method for determining rates of garnet nucleation and growth. On a macroscopic scale, she assessed the mechanisms of regional crustal flow in the Montagne Noire Gneiss Dome in France by evaluating pressure-temperature-time-deformation paths of samples from distinct tectonic zones.