Hannah Podzorski
Associate Scientist
Hannah Podzorski's headshot

Ms. Hannah Podzorski is a hydrologist, geological engineer, and data analyst with experience in analytical geochemistry and statistics, data management, and modeling of groundwater and geochemical systems. Her technical background encompasses fieldwork, laboratory techniques, and data analytics utilizing high-level programming languages. Ms. Podzorski’s experience crosses multiple disciplines, including geology, hydrology, statistics, and engineering. Her key strengths and technical skills include:

  • Data management (R, MATLAB)
  • Groundwater flow modeling (MODFLOW)
  • Numerical modeling of geochemical systems (PHREEQC, Geochemist’s Workbench)
  • Statistical analyses (R, Earth Volumetric Studio)
  • Surface water modeling (CORMIX, DELFT3D)