Eben Pendleton, E.I.T.
Project Scientist
Eben Pendleton, E.I.T.'s headshot

Mr. Eben Pendleton has 9 years of professional experience focused on evaluation of sediment remediation effectiveness in riverine systems, data management and statistical analysis of historical data, watershed modeling design and implementation, environmental fieldwork, and preparation of construction drawings.  He has specialized experience in modeling, statistical analysis, and data analytics for numerous sediment sites in the U.S. and Canada to support background studies, remedial investigations, and forensics evaluations.  His areas of expertise include sediment remediation analysis, data management, watershed modeling and implementation, including Python, R, Interactive Data Language (IDL), SWAT, MODFLOW, HEC-RAS, ArcGIS, FORTRAN, C++, JavaScript, Access, VBA, PowerShell, FloPy, LaTeX and SQL programming.  He co-led environmental data analysis code training and development for a 350-person firm, including graphical and statistical internal coding libraries in Python and R.