Dominick DeAngelis
Associate of Integral

Mr. Dom DeAngelis is an analytical chemist with a highly diversified background in both environmental and petroleum forensic chemistry, and in major projects management within the Superfund (CERCLA), RCRA, and other regulatory programs.  He provides consulting services for a wide range of specialties in general environmental practice and especially in Superfund projects. He has managed the technical and regulatory aspects of more than 50 Superfund sites, within responsible party groups and as part of litigation claims.  He continues to provide these services for clients in the areas of remedial investigations, allocation of financial responsibility, and natural resources damage (NRD), and he works with agencies to achieve successful resolution of client’s claims.

Mr. DeAngelis has also been a testifying expert in environmental forensics and has performed chemical forensics investigations for the service station Underground Storage Tank (UST) program, conducting more than 500 analytical investigations.  He has also traveled extensively as a company troubleshooter in the U.S. and internationally, investigating and solving environmental and petroleum related problems that required expertise in petroleum product chemistry, environmental chemistry, and specialized troubleshooting skills.