Cheryl J. Hapke, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Cheryl J. Hapke, Ph.D.'s headshot

Dr. Cheryl Hapke is a coastal geologist with more than 20 years of experience studying coastal evolution and coastal change processes in a variety of geomorphic settings including barrier islands and rocky and reef-fringed coasts. Her research focuses on morphodynamics of coastal systems on various time scales from storms to multiple decades, with application towards solving societal problems such as sea level rise through adaptation planning. Dr. Hapke’s studies have scaled from large regional assessments of historical coastal change, to barrier island response to extreme storm events, to forecasts of future behavior using statistical models. She has extensive experience overseeing and managing large projects and coordinating across diverse groups of stakeholders and partners. She has also served as a technical advisor on coastal change hazards to state and federal agencies and international groups and authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr. Hapke’s research has been influential in moving the field of coastal evolution and hazards forward and has a high degree of societal relevance. Her participation in the planning and writing of the Future of Nearshore Processes Research report led to the development of the new U.S. Coastal Research Program.

Tune in to hear Cheryl’s participation in the coast resilience discussion on the Higher Ground podcast, Episode 8: If The Beach Goes, We Go. Aired September 2021 on WSHU Public Radio.

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