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Site Characterization Tools and Techniques Described at USM Seminar

As part of a Division of Marine Science seminar at the University of Southern Mississippi, Grace Chang, Ph.D., and Craig Jones, Ph.D., of Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral), will discuss unique tools and techniques for evaluating water column, sediment, and contaminant transport processes.  Their December 8 presentation will describe complex site characterization challenges, including site assessment and monitoring, and a range of new tools and techniques for addressing those challenges.

Innovative technology to be discussed includes sediment profile imaging (SPI), a rapid survey method for benthic habitat mapping and sedimentation analysis; OPTically based In situ Characterization System (OPTICS), a unique and cost-effective technology for monitoring contaminants in surface water; and SEDflume, a powerful tool that directly measures sediment erosion properties and provides critical information on site-specific sediment transport and sediment stability.  The seminar will also cover state-of-the-science tools for monitoring dredge residuals.  Other topics include site characterization and forecasting of future conditions through wave, hydrodynamic, and sediment transport modeling.

Dr. Chang is a consultant in limnology and oceanography.  She has more than 20 years of experience performing site assessments, including hydrodynamics, sediment transport, particle dynamics, and marine and hydrokinetic energy.  She is recognized for her continued advancement of analytical methods in hydrodynamics and particle characterization through optics and acoustics, as well as for environmental research and monitoring.

Craig JonesDr. Jones is a principal ocean and environmental engineer with 18 years of experience in developing engineering and science programs for government agencies and the private sector to characterize and quantify transport of sediments and associated contaminants.  Dr. Jones continues to develop of state-of-the-science techniques to utilize field measurements and modeling analysis to quantify processes in all aquatic systems.

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