Sediment Management: Judi Durda Shares Insights at SMWG Forum
October 24, 2019

Integral Vice President Judi Durda will participate on a panel discussion at the Sediment Management Work Group (SMWG) 2019 Fall Sponsor Forum on October 30–31, 2019, in Arlington, Virginia. The SMWG Fall Sponsor Forum provides a platform for attendees to share knowledge on critical sediment management issues. Integral is an active corporate sponsor of SMWG.

Ms. Durda will join other consulting and industry professionals on a panel discussion focused on post-remediation performance monitoring metrics and approaches. Titled “Selection of Performance Metrics for Sediment Sites,” this panel will cover selection of appropriate metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of sediment remediation, including analysis of metric data to compare remedy outcomes to the no-action alternative.

A toxicologist and ecologist, Ms. Durda specializes in risk assessment, toxicological evaluations, forensics analysis, and regulatory compliance support. She has extensive experience evaluating risks and remedies at contaminated sediments sites nationally.

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