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Science v. Policy: Judi Durda on Emerging Contaminants Panel at ABA SEER

Judi DurdaJudi Durda, Integral Vice President, will present during a panel discussion at the 25th Anniversary of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) Fall Conference. Held October 18–21, 2017, in Baltimore, Maryland, the conference will feature plenary sessions on current and emerging environmental law and breakout sessions covering a variety of more focused topics.

On October 19, Ms. Durda will discuss current emerging contaminant regulations in the U.S. during “Science v. Policy on Emerging Contaminants: Inconsistent Regulations and Legal Drivers.” This panel will cover pressing issues facing environmental, energy, and natural resource lawyers. In a presentation coauthored with Integral Consultant Janet Anderson, Ph.D., DABT, Ms. Durda will define emerging contaminants and describe how variability in federal and state regulations can result in compliance challenges. Ms. Durda will also explain the diverse approaches and actions taken in different states and provide insights on environmental and legal liability for stakeholders.

Ms. Durda is a toxicologist and ecologist specializing in risk assessment, toxicological evaluations, and regulatory compliance support under a variety of federal and state regulatory programs and in related litigation. She has wide-ranging knowledge of emerging and yet-to-be-regulated chemicals including per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS). In addition, Ms. Durda has extensive experience in the evaluation of ecological risks and natural resource damages potentially associated with chemical release or disposal.

Integral staff are on the forefront of technical and regulatory developments for emerging contaminants. For more information about Integral’s related capabilities and services, contact Judi Durda at

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