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Safe Drinking Water through Engineering: Integral Presents at Western Groundwater Congress

Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral) scientists and engineers will describe unique solutions for groundwater remediation projects during the Groundwater Resources Association of California’s First Annual Western Groundwater Congress, held September 25–27, 2018, in Sacramento.

On Wednesday, September 26, consultant Sean Culkin, P.G., C.H.G., will present a poster titled “Humboldt Community Services District Well Evaluation and Replacement.” Authored by David Livermore, R.G., Ben Starr, P.E., Eron Dodak, R.G., and Stephen Sherman, P.G., of Integral and David Hull of the Humboldt Community Services District, this poster details Integral’s analysis, assessment, and design to replace a water supply well that had corroded and was pumping saline water into a community’s drinking water supply. The outcome included a well design that utilized PVC casing to resist corrosion, thereby keeping saline water out of Humboldt’s water supply.

On Thursday, September 27, senior consultant Michael Martin, P.E., will present “Lessons Learned from Implementation of a Potable Water Wellhead Treatment System for a Long-Chained Perfluoroalkyl Acid,” coauthored with Avram Frankel, P.E., and Keith Brodock, P.E. Mr. Martin’s platform will describe an engineering case study where per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances found in a municipal drinking water supply presented a unique challenge because of the rapidly changing regulatory environment, permitting issues, and participation of many stakeholders. He will discuss the timeline of project activities and the selected approach, which led to installation of an optimized treatment system.

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Mr. Martin is a registered professional engineer with 22 years of experience specializing in analysis of soil, groundwater, and stormwater treatment alternatives. He has been involved in the design and construction of municipal water treatment plants, conventional wastewater treatment plants, stormwater collection and treatment systems, and potable water transmission pipelines.

A registered professional geologist and certified hydrogeologist, Mr. Culkin has 9 years of experience in site characterization, water resources management, conceptual site model development, soil and groundwater remediation, remedy optimization, and regulatory compliance. He also has extensive experience with industry-standard groundwater modeling software applications.

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