Risk Communication: Lessons from a Global Pandemic
September 8, 2020

The COVID‐19 pandemic serves as a rousing wakeup call that the status quo for risk communication is not sufficient. Varying public health responses to COVID-19 throughout the world are a stark reminder of the need to elevate the role of science in public and political decision-making. But what are some specific actions that can be taken? In a recent letter to the editor published in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM), Integral scientist Blair Paulik, Ph.D., and Vice Presidents Russell Keenan, Ph.D., and Judi Durda address risk communication needs and challenges. Titled “The Case for Effective Risk Communication: Lessons from a Global Pandemic,” their letter calls for more transparent and effective risk communication and outlines strategies to achieve that goal.

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Coronavirus magnifiedIntegral assists in communicating safety and risk information to communities and a diverse array of stakeholders. For more information on Integral’s risk communication services, contact Dr. Paulik at bpaulik@integral-corp.com.

Published by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, IEAM is devoted to bridging the gap between scientific research and the application of science in decision-making, policy and regulation, and environmental management.