Waves Anywhere: Real-Time Wave Modeling at Integral


Although forecast wave models are publicly available and widely used in the scientific community, implementation of real-time forecast modeling is generally limited to government organizations.  There is a need within the broader business community for a tool that can be used in real time to support custom site applications such as coastal hazards evaluations and offshore operational planning.


We developed a framework that enables rapid deployment of local high-resolution forecasts and provides regional high-resolution hindcasts where not previously available.  Our model integrates the most recent wind forecasts made available by NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Prediction to offer updated, 8-day, WW3 forecasts at 6‑hour intervals.


The system provides real-time access to wave predictions and supports coastal and open ocean operations requiring high-resolution forecasts or hindcasts.  Bringing this capability directly to our clients eliminates the need for third-party solutions to meet project-specific requirements and reduces the cost of projects that involve wave predictions.