Toxicology, Fate and Transport, and Regulatory Guidance, Perfluoroalkyl Chemicals


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances—known as PFAS—have been increasingly found in waterways, water systems, and upland environments, raising concerns about human and environmental safety.  Because knowledge on the toxicology, epidemiology, fate, and treatment of these compounds is evolving, our clients are faced with managing and mitigating risks in a rapidly changing world.


Our team of nationally recognized PFAS experts helps clients navigate these challenges by rigorously tracking new developments in PFAS science, technology, and regulation.  We combine our in-depth and up-to-date PFAS knowledge with our expertise in toxicology, risk assessment, chemistry, hydrogeology, and environmental engineering to help respond to regulatory directives, design environmental investigations, address cleanup, or provide litigation support.


We develop effective risk management strategies to mitigate the impacts from emerging contaminants, while remaining compliant with dynamic requirements and being good environmental and public health stewards.