Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study at San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund Site: Texas


In 2009, the San Jacinto River Waste Pits RI/FS was initiated to address dioxins and furans associated with wastes from a former paper mill in estuarine sediments and soil.  The RI/FS, follow-up studies, and pre-remedial design investigation were performed at an accelerated pace and conducted under close public scrutiny.  The site is east of Houston, and is surrounded by both residential and industrial use areas with the potential to affect sampling outcomes and data interpretation.


We efficiently developed planning documents, study designs, and sampling plans for sediment, soil, tissue, surface water, sediment porewater, aquifer testing, and geotechnical assessment; the remedial investigation report; and baseline risk assessments.  With robust data management serving a foundational role, we provided technical leadership on issues driving remedial planning.  Our in-depth analysis defined and quantified contaminant sources and refined assessment of dioxin toxicity and bioaccumulation potential.


Our comprehensive, technically robust, and timely evaluation and reporting addressed EPA and other stakeholders’ needs, ensured our clients’ credibility in multiple forums, and established a firm foundation for remedial design.