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Human Health Risk Assessment at a Smelter Facility in Peru

Peru ChildrenPeru SmokestackPeru Village

Integral conducted a human health risk assessment for an active smelter in the Andes Mountains. Bilingual Integral scientists conducted two field sampling efforts in the community surrounding the smelter to characterize potential exposure media, including drinking water, surface soil, outdoor dust, and dust in homes. These data were combined with biomonitoring and dietary intake data for the population and air dispersion and deposition modeling results to complete the human health risk assessment. Integral adapted EPA methodology to characterize current risks for the unique exposures in the surrounding community to sulfur dioxide particulates and metals. In addition, Integral evaluated the effects on current baseline risk levels resulting from various upgrades of pollution control at the smelter facility. The risk assessment results and recommendations made by Integral toxicologists on exposure and risk reduction assisted the government and the client in risk management decisions for the facility and surrounding community. Integral scientists also provided educational workshops for the community to explain risk assessment methodology and presented the results at public hearings attended by thousands of residents and workers.


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