Groundwater Treatment Automated Control System Upgrade


Our client was using an outdated, 1990s-era control system for automated operation of its groundwater treatment system.  Pieces of the control system were no longer manufactured, and we were unable to modify or expand the system.  Worse yet, alarm notifications were unintelligible, if they were delivered at all.  After unsuccessfully trying to piece together a backup system from spare parts, we knew our client needed a modern, upgraded system.


Our engineering team mapped out an upgrade strategy that limited system downtime while accounting for unknown complications.  We built and programmed the new control system in our office in advance, saving time and expense while on-site.  During the cutover, we successfully dealt with unexpected circumstances, chasing wiring that had been moved, but not documented, years earlier.


We provided our client with an updated, resilient, expandable control system, allowing remote monitoring and adjustment of the treatment system.  System operators can now focus on preventative maintenance, rather than reactive fixes to false alarm notifications.  With remote access, our engineers can diagnose and resolve issues from anywhere in the world.