Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support for Active Wood Processing Facility


Plaintiffs’ alleged harm was based upon attic dust measurements in eight “representative” houses.  We scrutinized the plaintiffs’ air modeling assumptions, examined their data quality omissions, conducted chemical fingerprinting analyses to decouple the attic dust constituents from the facility’s emissions patterns, and evaluated the plaintiffs’ expert reports and depositions.  Integral prepared an expert report and gave expert testimony regarding alleged releases of dioxins, furans, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from an active forest products facility. 


We collected attic dust samples in a defensible manner.  Using pictorial analysis and multivariate statistical tools, we showed differences among the plaintiffs’ dioxin/furan and PAH samples, our client’s, and published emission profiles.  The chemical patterns in the plaintiffs’ samples did not match the facility’s emissions.


Based on our analyses and expert testimony, the federal court jury sided with our client on all seven counts.  The plaintiffs did not show that the facility contributed to the dioxin/furan and PAH levels in the attic dusts.  Our client was found to have no financial obligations to the plaintiffs.