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PFAS/Perfluorinated Compounds: Sara Barbuto to Discuss Risk at NEWEA Conference

Sara Barbuto, Integral senior engineer, will present on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) 2018 Annual Conference, on January 21–24 in Boston, Massachusetts.  As part of a PFAS technical session, Ms. Barbuto will discuss “Getting Ahead of the Curve—Risk Management Strategies for Perfluoroalkyl Substances.” Presentation coauthors are Rachel Jacobsen and H. David Gold of Wilmer Hale and Nicholas Shonka and Patrick Gwinn of Integral.

During her presentation, Ms. Barbuto will discuss risk management in light of continuously evolving PFAS regulations, factors that may complicate treatment system design, and cost-effective measures to develop solutions that can achieve long-term compliance objectives.

Sara Barbuto is a senior engineer who is skilled in environmental modeling, environmental investigations, and ArcGIS and data visualization software. In addition to her strong data analysis background, she has expertise in environmental sample collection, processing, and reporting.

Integral staff are on the forefront of technical and regulatory developments for PFAS and other contaminants of emerging concern, and they provide expertise in multimedia environmental modeling, field sampling programs, toxicology evaluations and risk assessment, treatment system design and engineering, and stakeholder communication.

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